A downloadable Castle Game for Windows

In this game a monster of some sort(3 different ones can occur, randomly generated at the start of the game) has taken over the castle. You are unarmed and must find weapons or spells to defeat the monster. Only very specific things work on them so be ready to be a little frustrated at first, but I think it's fun.

Now I'm not sure if it works on mac, pretty sure it doesn't and it isn't designed for phones so who knows what that would do.

As far as linux goes though, maybe? It's written in python.

HINT: Investigate the throne room door first thing so you get a clue of what you are up against!

UPDATE: Added a cheat menu if you are having a hard time use the ~ key(shift+`).

Also fixed a glitch with where the writing showed up, much improved now, before it was kind of unplayable on other machines.


Castle_Game_download.zip 53 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip the file where you want it and then within the Castle_Game folder there is a file named Castle_Game that is an application file. Just click on that. Windows might tell you something is wrong, tell it to run anyway.

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